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No idea what I'm going to do with TSW stuff. I've just been getting really frustrated because I'd like to be around more. I'd love to know what's going on better. But I'm never able to really RP with anyone and really all my characters are in the "hi my name is" phase of RP where no one knows them and no one really cares if they're around or not. Work interferes with me being able to be around to RP, and I dunno, man.

I have all kinds of ideas for my characters, but I really can't do anything about them.

I feel like a third wheel and it really sucks. And it doesn't help that I'm tired all the time from work and don't always feel like trying to RP.
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Character Name: Adrien Molyneux

Nickname / Alias: Gryphon, Gryffpire

Date of Birth: December 21, 1537

Place of Birth: Moulins, France

Residence: Moulins, France

General Appearance: Short, with close cropped, pale blond hair and red eyes. Very pale. Prefers black. Often wears a trenchcoat no matter the season. [We've noted black veins recently. We think it's due to his "research", not Filth, but we're keeping close tabs on it anyway. - KG]

Height: 5'7"

Weight: 140 lbs

Clothing Choices: Usually wears black. Often jeans and t-shirts or tank tops, along with a long coat. Always wears gloves. Often fingerless variety. Wears sunglasses at all times except in the dark. Usually wears a necklace with what might be a demon claw around his neck.

Hair Style: Short cropped, usually styled with gel.

Handedness: Left-handed

Jewelry: What might be a demon claw attached to a leather cord around his neck.

Tattoos / Marks: None.

Key Relationships: Nicolae Molyneux - His son and only remaining living family member.

Education: Very informal education. He hasn't bothered to update his knowledge of a lot of things. Speaks English, French, and Italian reasonably well. Very good knowledge of Latin. [Computers are a no-go with him. You'll be lucky to get him to call you back. Want him to email or text you? Send it to his son instead. - KG]

Work History: None. Born into nobility in France. Has been pursuing demonic research since he was younger than his son.

Skills: Very knowledgeable about demonic summoning and control. As in dangerously knowledgeable. Good shot with firearms and practically grew up with a sword in his hands.

Phobias / Fears: Severe photophobia.

Bad Habits / Vices: [This guy has a bad habit of stabbing people in the back. Naturally, we're keeping an Eye on him, but you've been warned. Also don't bleed around him or his son. We found the last agent who did that in several pieces. -KG]

Quirks: Acts more like a demon than human. Predatory. Enjoys scaring people.

Best Qualities: [Ahahahaha no. -KG]

Worst Qualities: Self-interested. Malicious. Cruel. Enjoys suffering of others. Duplicitous.

Key Childhood and Teenage Experiences: [Grew up the youngest of four kids of a demonic researcher. Near as we've been able to dig up, his mother died of cancer and his father and siblings were killed by pissed off villagers. Hearing some of the rumors of vampirism, werewolves, and necromancy from that family, you can't really blame them. -KG]

Key Adult Experiences: He's been trying to bring about Hell on Earth from the age of 30. Some of the rituals he's performed have permanently changed him, making him more demon than human and extending his life far longer than it should be. He's allowed to run loose because his research usually alerts the Eye to dangerous things lying around long before he gets his hands on them.

Sexual Background: Strange. To say the least. Possibly bisexual or pansexual, but he enjoys inflicting pain and has very, very little sense of empathy with others. [Consider this an official warning, if the rest of the bio isn't a clue, that this guy is hands-off. -KG]


o Favorite food: Probably an obligate cannibal.

o Clothing: Casualwear in black. Long coats.

o Art: Unknown.

o Music: Unknown.

o TV Show: Unknown.

o Movie: Unknown.

o Book: Reads a lot by Brian Lumley.

Goals and Motivations: Self-centered, to the exclusion of all else including family except where his own interests are violated. Has been trying for a very long time to bring about Hell on Earth.

Morality / Ethics: Non-existent. Will not hesitate to stab a friend in the back or cut out the heart of a collleague.

Style of Speech: Slight French accent.

Words/Slang/Jargon: Generally doesn't use much slang, and when he does it's usually unremarkable from that of the typical 40+ crowd.

Additional Information:
o Extremely skilled demonologist
o Deadly with both firearms and swords.
o Enhanced speed and strength due to rituals he's performed in the past. Also possesses increased healing. Nothing close to bee-enhancement, but worrying nonetheless.
o Hunger drives him to consume human flesh and blood.
o Also has known issues empathizing with others. Combined with his sadistic tendencies, this makes him very dangerous.

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Nicolae had been in and out of the safe house for several days. In that time, he'd barely been there except when he slept during the day. Only once did he ever come in after dawn, and that morning, he'd spent about an hour cursing and rubbing aloe over sunburns over his face and hands. Once he came back in visibly different clothes than he left in, drenched and so tired he fell asleep on his bed almost immediately.

Now, though, he was sitting at the table, carefully sketching and transcribing a stone tablet into a program in his computer. Several of the heiroglyphs and pictograms on the tablet portrayed demonic-looking figures.

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